January 5th, 2020
Greenfield, IA

Current Radio Release, "Who Will Shout the Loudest" (coming June 2015 to radio stations nationwide!)
The Michael Frost Trio is releasing Who Will Shout the Loudest to radio this summer.

Written by Michael, the song has been a favorite on the trio's set list, and is finally getting its turn at southern gospel radio. Listen to a sample below.

The release follows two Singing News Top 80 singles for the trio, including That's God, which charted in OCTOBER 2014, and When I Could Not Pray, which stayed on charts for APRIL and MAY of 2014.

Who Will Shout the Loudest will be released and promoted by Heritage Communications. Visit http://heritagecom.com/blog/
"That's God" hits The Singing News Top 80 (Oct. 2014)
After more than 15 years of singing it on the road, The Michael Frost Trio released "That's God" to radio this summer, and the song is making it's debut on the national charts in The Singing News Top 80.

"I wrote the song many years ago, shortly after the death of my dad, who was a pastor. His vision was to carry the gospel, and I felt as if the torch had been passed to me. Writing this song was a way to pick up the torch," Michael explained. "It's just a simple song about the power of God in our lives. It has been our most requested song on the road, and I'm so thankful to say it has ministered to people in ways only God above could know," he said. The song has been recorded by several groups over the years as well. The Michael Frost Trio is very excited to know the song is gaining a whole new audience. Listen to a sample below by clicking the link to our RADIO page.

"That's God" is a follow-up release to "When I Could Not Pray," which stayed on the The Singing News national chart for APRIL and MAY of 2014.

"That's God" is released and promoted by the radio team of Chapel Valley.

If you are a DJ, you may visit www.chapelvalleystudio.com to download the song, or email richard@chapelvalleystudio.com.
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